Know Precyce.

"Precyce has created an inventive and unique persona that stands out in the crowd."

-The City Insight

Precyce Politix (a.k.a.Frankie Needlzz) is an American based rapper, born and raised in Brooklyn NY. Known for his lyrical acrobatics and wordplay, 'Cyce loves to craft theme heavy projects that reflect his love for comic book style narratives, while telling HIS side of the story. Never one to worry about fitting in or riding the current wave, he attacks instrumentals with the tenacity and confidence of a veteran who's mastered the craft.

Precyce Politix has opened up for artists such as Mobb Deep, Skyzoo, and Pete Rock, while also having records played by DJ Eclipse, DJ Samps, and DJ Premier under the name Stallone & Weathers, a producer/emcee duo featuring NC Producer/DJ/Rapper K-Hill. The six track collaborative EP "Precyce Politix and K-Hill are: Stallone & Weathers" achieved critical acclaim, and has piqued the interest of hip hop heads around the globe towards the raspy voiced Brooklyn bar spitter.

Born Michael James Williams, he raps under different personas of Precyce Politix and Frankie Needlzz. Most simplistically, these two characters can be described as good and evil, representing the battle within himself. That war is an extremely intense one for Precyce, who strives to "Stay Kryptonian" in an otherwise cruel and careless world. In the world of Precyce, to be Kryptonian means rise above earthly influences such as lust, greed, anger and fear. Alternatively, Frankie Needlzz welcomes the chaos and anarchy of the world, which fuels and drives his dark persona. The duality adds intriguing energy and aggressive depth to the storytelling Precyce Politix masters in his artistry.

Precyce Politix’s definition of success resides in family, love, and being legendary in a musical sense. His goal is to be the topic of barbershop conversations about the dopest emcees, even if it’s as an underrated force to be reckoned with in the rap game. Precyce is paving the way not only for him, but for others like him- those intent on staying true to themselves.